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ScanMagix is a state of art solution that grants the user a full control at the location that he is operating at. The organizer gets a real time report on who attended a session or visited at a specific booth
• Access control to halls – we scan entrance and exit from the halls
• Exhibition booth visits – we manage in real time all delegates that access a specific booth and we report in real time simply via our web dashboard 
• The organizer or the exhibitor have on real time at their hand-held smart device the statistics of visitors and their personal details that can be downloaded in real time 
• Verus will provide ScanMagix that will grant access control and event check in platform. 

Scanmagix will provide a real time report on locations the participants have checked in to.

ScanMagix is a native app that will be operated by Hostesses or organizers staff onsite. The application can be used also at exhibition booths to track audience that visited the booth – we will charge based on number of booths that required the service,

Key Features

  Check In& Check Out

  Private session module

 QRCODE or BARCODE scanning

 Real time reporting


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