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Social Media Wall


Engage your audience with social media content that increases brand awareness at events,

 Spark conversations
A social wall bridges the gap between offline and online communication at events and conferences. Collect social media posts from your attendees and prominently display them on a social wall at your Event.

People will gather around your wall like a campfire and start talking to each other. It’s an excellent icebreaker, and everyone loves spotting their posts highlighted on a screen.

 Give your event global social media exposure
Social walls are not just for attendees. People from all over the world get to follow your event via the social wall online even if they couldn’t make it there themselves. And after the event is over, a social wall is a great way for everyone to look back at the event (and it’ll make a good impression in your reporting as well).
 Create a sense of community
Whether you’re organizing a conference or a trade fair, a social wall can go a long way towards adding a sense of community to an event. Add depth to the event experience with a physical social wall that encourages audience participation.



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